The performance of any protective coating is highly dependent on the preparation of the surface, inadequate preparation will lead to premature failure between the coating and the substrate.

Ripblast use a sonet expandable media, suitable for both steel and alloys with a cleanliness ranging from SA1 – SA3.

Standard Grades
SA1 Brush Off
SA2 Commercial Blast
SA2.5 Near White
SA3 White Metal

The other main surface quality is the profile achieved which is governed by the grade of media and the speed of abrasive impact. Thereafter a profile of between 50-75 microns is attained depending upon the type of coating required end use.

Bead Blasting

Another special service that Ripblast provides uses a fully self contained unit, utilising glass beads as a media. This is excellent especially for requirements such as removing tooling marks from substrates such as stainless steel. This can also be used to remove surface imperfections or to provide a more aesthetically appealing finish. This technique can be used on small intricate items and will not cause dimensional changes. The final product is foam wrapped so as to avoid further marking.

person blasting chain
before bead blasting
after bead blasting