Protective Coatings

With over 35 years trading experience in the preparation and application of wet paint systems Ripblast has vast experience in the process and techniques of a wide range of paint products and their specific applications to meet the most demanding of uses, alongside the option of both Aluminium and Zinc Thermal spray for the more aggressive environments (see galvanizing for further details and comparisons) which can be used in conjunction with an approved paint system or combined with a seal coat can be left as a natural finish giving up to 25 years to first maintenance.

We are able to draw on products that offer Fire protection, products for sub sea conditions, aggressive industrial environments, Two pack systems deigned for plastics / aluminium , one coat high build Polyurethanes, Polyurea, Epoxy primers / finish coats, Heat resistant coatings up to 550 c, Polyurethane / Acrylic finish coats, wood finishes to name but a few, all in accordance and with approvals from the leading paint manufacturers Leigh’s, International, Hempals, PPG and Jotun.

In conjunction with an approved applicator a powder coating service is also available from one off to volume batch work.

If you have a particular requirement our staff would be only too pleased to discuss and advise on the suitability of any combination of coatings to meet your product requirement or product life expectancy.

painted pipework
painted large container
primed RSJ