Thermal Aluminium / Zinc Galvanising

Metal Thermal Spraying is the process by which molten non ferrous metals are sprayed directly onto a prepared surface, where they adhere and form one continuous coating. The particles upon contact to the substrate flatten onto the surface, freeze and mechanically bond, firstly on to the steel substrate and then to each other as the coating thickness is increased.

Applications for metal spraying range from anti-corrosion and engineering markets including: oil and gas, construction petrochemicals and marine.

Ripblast for added bond strength apply the metal spray by the arc system in either zinc or aluminium depending on the products ultimate use.

Zinc Spray

This process provides a long life coating of 10-25 years and is suitable for all applications up to 200 C. This process is often specified in preference to hot dip galvanising avoiding the risk of distortion and without the requirement for drilling drain holes.

Aluminium Spray

Aluminium metal spray will give much improved p[performance over zinc especially in subsea, coastal and saline conditions. The added advantage of protection up to 400 C when applied by the arc process.

See link for the advantages of thermal spray over dip galvanising.

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stairs leading to a plane
before blasting
after blasting